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Elsa Chapman is a true talent.


An accomplished vocalist, she is now releasing a collection of self-penned, self-produced soul songs.


Influenced by writers such as Bill Withers and Carole King, the collection is lead by her passion for classic songwriting, bringing together Motown-era soul with her own present day RnB inflections.


Impressively written alone in her tiny home studio, this is music that steps away from current trends – yet still it feels fresh today.  It is music that reflects the themes of world around her: city life, hard times, love and friendship.


New single “Rewind” is a classic, organic track with relatable, too true-to-life lyrics. It is one of a series of releases by the artist.


Elsa is performing a run of shows called “Soul Cellar” in central London starting this January, which she plans to take throughout the UK and Europe in 2017.


Make sure to visit to keep posted on releases and shows and well as to sneak a listen of new music.


“Rewind” is available now on all major music portals.


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